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EPA: how to care for your septic system

When city sewer services are unavailable, the best solution for disposing of waste is typically to install a septic system on the property.

Septic systems allow the waste to flow from the house or structure to a septic tank, the waste is broken down with enzymes and then flows into a drainfield.

Depending on its frequency of use, we recommend pumping the tank out for regular maintenance every 3-5 years while commercial use tanks should be pumped once a year or every other year in order to maintain a healthy system.

Septic Tanks

Tanks are made of plastic, metal, fiberglass or concrete and are measured in gallons. Standard sizes for tanks: 500, 750, 1,000, 1,250, 1,500 and larger. A 1,500 gallon tank or larger can have one or two compartments.

Sometimes a pump is added to the system to transfer the wastewater to the drainfield or it will deliver the effluent using gravity. The tank lets the waste settle, allowing the wastewater to flow out.

The solids that don’t get broken down by enzymes will remain in the bottom of the tank. It is these solids that need pumped out by a vacuum truck.

Septic Pumps

When present, the pump is activated by a float when the wastewater reaches a set level and shuts off as soon as the float drops to the original level.

We recommend connecting an alarm to alert owners when there is a problem with the system or if the tank is overfull.


Drainfields are open areas of soil which absorb the contents of a septic tank. This process pumps the waste through pipes going into a sand filter box. The sand in the box filters the effluent waste as it disperses into the surrounding soil.

Lift Station Pumping

Using pressurized pipes, lift station tanks collect sewage before pumping. It then transports the wastewater from a lower level into sewer pipes buried at a higher elevation.

For instance, If your have ever seen a house that the land it is on, is lower than all the properties surrounding land, it is most likely using a lift station to pump the sewage to the tank which is above it, yet is still buried.

Lift station sizes range from 40 gallons to thousands of gallons.

For the best lift station cleaning and septic pumping, call Sweet Water Sanitation, LLC, for service in the Rogue Valley or Modoc Services, Inc. for the Klamath Basin.


Vault Toilets

Not to be confused with “outhouses,” vaulted toilets are tanks installed in the ground with a structure built above. 

These restroom facilities are preferred to outhouses and can be found at campgrounds, rest stops as well as at state and federal parks.

Vaulted toilet tanks are watertight with no drainage and must be pumped out. Unquestionably, vaulted toilets are the cleaner and more permanent option.

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