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Residential & Commercial Septic Pumping

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When the city sewer is not available for a property, it will usually have a Septic System. The waste flows from the house to a tank then to a drain field. The tank should be pumped out for regular maintenance. It is usually recommended every 3-5 years depending on the number of people living there. Commercial use tanks should be pumped yearly or every other year because they are used a lot more.  

The Tank: Made of Plastic, Metal, Fiberglas, or Concrete. Tanks range in gallons size  500,750,1000, 1250, 1500 and larger. 1500 gallon tanks and larger can be single compartment or have 2 compartments. A pump is sometimes put in the tank to deliver the effluent to the drain field or it will deliver the effluent by gravity. The tank allows the waste to settle so that only effluent flows out, The solids should remain in the tank and then be pumped out by a vacuum truck.

The Pump: (when Present) The pump is usually activated by a float that will turn the pump on when the effluent reaches a set level then shut the pump off when the level drops to the original level. An alarm should be connected to alert people when there is a problem with the system and the tank is overfull.

The Drain Field: The drain field will be either a Sand Filter and or pipes buried in the ground that let the effluent drain into the soil. Sand filters will have pipes running into a box filled with sand. The sand filters the effluent then the remaining effluent drains into the surrounding soil.