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Septic Installs, Repairs, Upgrades and Maintenance


Septic Installs

When you need to have a new septic system installed, We put you in contact with trusted professionals that are licensed to perform installs for septic systems. We have a working relationship with these professionals who have demonstrated there ability to properly install Septic Systems to the high standards that we feel our customers deserve.

Septic Abandonment

When your septic tank has been replaced, the old tank must be properly abandoned. The tank must be pumped out and then crushed and filled with approved material or removed all together. This is required by the DEQ for safety. We can pump out the tank and the contractor will remove or fill the tank as required. We provide the required Septic Abandonment form.

Septic System Repairs and Upgrades

We can perform minor repairs that may be necessary for your system. Once again we can put you in contact with trusted professionals that are able to make any and all repairs to your septic system. These trusted Professionals can upgrade your system to bring the system up to code, to make it operate properly, or to make it easier and cheaper to maintain.

Septic System Maintenance

Septic systems need regular maintenance. Whether it is the regular pumping or having the sand filter flushed. Commercial systems are required to have a contracted, licensed maintenance provider maintaining the system. Residential systems can be required as well and need to be maintained. Our drivers are maintenance providers and we also refer to the trusted professionals that we trust to install the systems, who know how the systems are to be maintained.

A properly maintained septic system is healthier for the owner and the environment and is cheaper than being on a sewer system.  

Risers, Cleanouts and Covers

We recommend having risers instead of the old concrete lids. Having plastic risers make it easier to access the septic tank. Never have to dig out the septic lid again. Having cleanouts installed, makes it easier to clear the septic lines of clogs, which saves the customer money. For owners that don't want to see their septic lids, cleanout pipes or other utility fixtures in their yard... well we have a solution for that as well. Decorative rock enclosures.