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Grease Interceptors and Grease Traps

restaurant grease medford oregon

Grease interceptors or grease traps are tanks that trap the grease in the sewage so that it doesn't flow into the city sewer system. The tanks are simply septic tanks that allow the sewage to flow into the system but the grease is trapped because it floats on the water. Grease clogs up sewer and septic systems, grease traps reduce this.

Not to be confused with automotive grease, never allow automotive products into sewer or septic systems.

Grease traps can be from 40 gallons to 1000's of gallons, usually at restaurants.

Have a problem with a grease trap? offensive odors? Grease entering sewer line?

First, have the grease trap pumped regularly!!

We also sell additives that will help break down the grease and help eliminate any offensive odors

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